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dna upgrade

If we are more conscious about our inner self, we can understand that we
have valuable richness situated inside our Higher Self. This is our Christ awareness - knowledge - memories - and our senses. BELIEVE in this, TRUST this, and then we ACTIVATE these tools, they are ours so start using them.

Whenever we hear something new, we know instantly if this is our own truth. In Atlantis we have already been introduced with this EGO EVOLUTION PLAN and this was to understand our EGO, we did not understand this evolution plan at that time. We all need to go higher in our awareness before 2012. We can only reach this by understanding this and this is the only way to upgrade our personal DNA too.

If things are new to us and we do not understand this it will confuse us, this happened to us in Atlantis. Now we are still working on this same subject. We should understand our Ego IT is our own personality so we know our selves much better. We would know that males and females are exact the same on the inside and we have to be in balance with both sexes inside ourselves.

It is necessary to upgrade our personal DNA. We are living now in a different energy and also in a different time zone, now we are more aware and we know now more then we did back in Atlantis. Looking back; it has taken us very long to understand this. We can learn so much from this ego evolution plan; it brings us much closer to our self. Everything starts by our self; we are responsible for our self. If we understand this; we all can accomplish our PERSONAL MISSION.

Therefore it is very important to believe in our HIGHER SELF. They can help us with everything, they know everything about us, but we have to ask them. If we believe in our self; we can use these valuable tools inside us. We know about 10 senses, seeing, hearing; feelings, self-confidence, self-consciousness, trusting, believing, instinct, intuition, logical thinking, flexibility, but there are 10 more senses we have not activated. Our senses are valuable inner tools; if we believe in them we activate them more and more and then we function very well.

We have those tools inside us and if we ignore them, than it is our own fault. Non believers have to see things first to believe in it. We cannot show your senses, but we can believe in them, what do you have to loose to belief in them. For the non believers; change your thinking patron, towards logics or sensible thinking then you will find out that you have the same tools like everyone else. We are all individuals and we are all the same on the inside. We have self-confidence in us, nobody can take that away. If we believe in our own senses we can TRUST them.

If we understand all off this; we know that we have to do everything for our self. This means; that we have to LET GO off all negativity we had in our past, because all our past negativity was needed for our own personal learning. What ever we do, we do this only for our self, because we need to understand this ego evolution plan for our self, so that we can personally upgrade our DNA. We are all here now on Earth to have our DNA upgraded and we reach or gain this with a higher awareness. We understand now that our lives have a special meaning.

If you have guilt feelings the best thing you can do is, FORGIVE your self or if you have to forgive some one else; you do this always for your self. Do not hate your self for what ever happened; don't be so hard on your self, do not see only one bad part of your live; things in your live were needed to learn from. Embrace your past; don't hate your past and know that all this was needed to become the person you are now. If we understand this, let go of all the emotions and fear.
This ego evolution plan has a purpose; understand this; and we will feel very well.
We understood that our lives have a meaning a purpose and a personal Mission.

For more details about this EGO EVOLUTION PLAN see Ego-Yin-Yang articles.

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